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Lof Cordion Prestashop Module

"The Lof Cordion" module is a slideshow that lets highlight your products. Using it can help your site become more lively and professional increase the commercial ability of your page. It displays images as well as caption text in a fashion accordion. With the integrated groups, you can display your products from one or more categories, product feature or the id. In addition, This module also includes group FILE so that you can custom slideshow as you expect.

Support both Prestashop From Version 1.3.x to 1.4.x, 1.5.x Native.

Main Features

Support multiple group

  • Product group
  • File group
multiple group

product group

Product group

In product group: Using Sources is the list of product from one or many categories ,or from ids of product you configured.

Image group

In File group:
  • Get files from: source to get files ussed to displayed on the Cordion
  • Image Folder Path: path to the folder that contains images used to displayed on the Cordion
  • File 1, File 2 ... File 10: list of all files that you can enable and configure to display the files on front-end. That means you can display up to 10 items on the Cordion

Support multiple themes

Support multiple themes which allows you select one or make a new theme in an easy way.

Main Slider Setting

  • Create New Image Size: select whether to create new size for main image
  • Main Image Height:height of the main image displayed on the front-end (in pixel)
  • Main Image Width: width of the main image displayed on the front-end (in pixel)
  • Description Animate:
  • Is Vertical Module:
  • Is Sticky Module:

Effect Setting

  • Animation Duration:duration of each animation (in miliseconds)
  • Animation Transition:The easing effect used to animate slider in the module
  • Min Width of Slider Expended (px): minimum width of the slider when an other slide is open in max width
  • Max Width of Slider Expended (px): maximum width of the slider when it is open
  • Start Slide: slide is open by default when the module appears
  • Event Handler: action taken to run the slide, hover the mouse or click the mouse to move from the slide to the next one