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Joomla - Lof CoinSlider Module

A amazing Slideshow ready adorn your website having the most eye-catching and most attractive at every look. With The CoinSlide module in your hand, you can easily create any modern web 2.0 slideshow with multiple themes  and multiple resources supported (such  as k2 component, content component....), and easy controlling the slideshow via list of simple parameters.

Main Features

- Support 4 built-in themes: basic, default, transparent and box


- Data Source Setting


- Main Slider Setting


- Data Source Setting


- Demo Joomla 1.7

  • Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native and Version 2.0 is for joomla 1.7 Native, and support Joomla! 2.5 - 3.0.
  • The version for Joomla! 3.0 support Responsive.
  • Allow display the list of Items from The Content Component ( joomla 1.5), The Banner Component, the K2 Component, The virtuemart Component and Image Folder.
  • Support Multiple Effects:  9 unique transition effects
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Integrated with the MultiboxModal to allow openning The Item Linked inside The box (option)
  • Customize User CSS formatting.
  • Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
  • Support Multiple Layouts and Multiple Themes. Allow overriding layout in the current template.
  • Fully compatible IE6+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5
  • ....Continue Update

b) Requirement

  1. PHP version is greater than 5.0