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Lof Navigation Product Prestashop Module

Navigation is one of the most important aspect in a site that will help your customers to travel around your site easily. It's also important for SEO. One site with good navigation system will get high rank in Search engines.

The Navigation in your site include your Menu system, the "Next" & "Pre" buttons, ...

Lof Navigation Prestashop Module will help you custom the "Next" & "Pre" buttons easily without touching any CSS. When hovering on the button, user can see the defined content of the "Next" or "Previous" products.

Support prestashop 1.5.x

Adds Previous & Next navigation to your product pages

Automatically uses the category position to determine which product to navigate to.


Main Features

Text link

You can enter text for Link prev, Link next or use name of product.



You can enable tooltip for button. with product name, price, description, image


Circle Navigation