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User Guides

On this page you will find user guides, tutorials and documentations for our Modules. Over time we will collect your feedback and questions and compile a knowledge base. Feel free to comment and give us feedback how we can improve the documentation.

Prestashop Modules Guides

  1. Lof accordion module
  2. Lof barcode module
  3. Lof bestselling products
  4. Lof blog module
  5. Lof bundle promotion
  6. Lof carousel module
  7. Lof catalog module
  8. Lof coinslider module
  9. Lof cordion module
  10. Lof coupons module
  11. Lof custom stock sisplay
  12. Lof deal module
  13. Lof downloads module
  14. Lof facebooklike module
  15. Lof faq module
  16. Lof feature carousel
  17. Lof flash accordion module
  18. Helpdesk module
  19. Lof image mapping module
  20. Lof megamenu module
  21. Lof navigation modue
  22. Lof panel module
  23. Lof pinterest module
  24. Lof price sheet module
  25. Lof review module
  26. Lof rewards
  27. Lof scrollbarpro module
  28. Lof slider module
  29. Lof slideshow pro module
  30. Lof sliding caption
  31. Lof social coupon
  32. Lof socialtabs module
  33. Lof survey
  34. Lof tabs module
  35. Lof twitter module
  36. Lof userinfor panel module
  37. Lof user upload
  38. Lof Weather Module

Joomla Modules Guides

  1. Lof category news blocks
  2. Lof coinslider module
  3. Lof content flash accodion module
  4. Lof content mart plugin
  5. Lof content news module
  6. Lof cordion module
  7. Lof gallery joomla plugins
  8. Lof hightslide module
  9. Lof hika slidingcaption module
  10. Lof joomshopping slidingcaption module
  11. Lof js facebook comment plugin
  12. Lof k2 flash accodion module
  13. Lof k2 hot deal plugin userguide
  14. Lof k2 hot deals extensions
  15. Lof k2 scroller module
  16. Lof parallax slider module
  17. Lof quick news module
  18. Lof responsive slideshow module
  19. Lof scrollbar pro
  20. Lof slideshow pro module
  21. Lof slidingcaption module
  22. Lof sobi2 slidingcaption module
  23. Lof sobi coinslider module
  24. Lof tab news module
  25. Lof vm category products blocks
  26. Lof vm slidingcaption module
  27. Lof vote extensions

Opencart Modules Guides

  1. Deals
  2. Layerslider
  3. Megamenu
  4. Newsletter